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God of War II Cheat Code and walkthrough

God of war ps2 cheat - High definition mode in this mode, start your step by pressing L1, L2, L3, Round and box continuously. This work is done before appear "Sony Computer Entertainment Presents" appears on the screen. Description will change color to purple if you enter the cheat correctly. 
How to unlock costumes and weapons
You must complete all the difficulty. Collect some mandatory items. Reach the highest rank. To Athena and Hercules: Complete the Titan mode. Dark Odyssey: Complete God Mode. To get the Sword of Olympus: Finish game, play the new game. For those of you who enjoyed God of War-style costume, tamatkan game in all difficulty levels. General Cyclops: Collect 20 Cyclops. There is no other way to achieve Cyclops, except with the murder. Use a circle to kill him. God Armor: Get God ranking in challenge mode.

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