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Facebook Hack

Facebook Tricks - Negligence causing hijackers easily into account. Facebook is no exception. Facebook can not keep your faithful throughout the night. You should remain vigilant and cautious. If you have already become victims of piracy accounts, you should use this method.    1. First, warn everyone that your account has been hijacked. This effort can you do through various channels such as email, phone, mailing lists, chat, blogs etc. In order to prevent other people, friends, your family is in friend list becomes the victim..

facebook hack   
     2. Second, it should immediately (you race with the hijackers before she changed the primary and secondary email address you are) trying to get back to your account through the procedure forgotten or lost passwords. If successful, immediately change your email address and password and hide do not appear to change the security settings of your account. Do not rush to log out to prevent the hijackers tried to take over as well. And do not log out until you successfully change the primary and secondary email address and fill in your new password at the same time apply the security settings for a more closed (protect / hide your email address).
         3. Third, the report to the security team facebook that your account has been hijacked, the address is: or if the link has changed you can look in the HELP pages. You will be asked to fill out the form and the next will be no correspondence with facebook security team that will try to confirm the truth of your statement and if all goes well, your account may be refunded. But be sure that before the report, you already have an email address a new and safe.
         4. Fourthly, if all efforts fail to restore your account, then immediately opened the new Facebook account, secure information so that people do not hijacked again and add all your friends (hopefully you do a back up). Then together they invite all to report your old account that was hijacked TSB. For accounts that do abuse, fraud and impersonating compromise so that later we will be closed or blocked by facebook

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