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6 Tips sebelum membuat Home Recording Studio

Home recording tips - A growing number of products that support the "home recording studio." Not necessarily expensive as ever. To market it even easier, there are more than 350 social networking sites that are ready to accommodate your masterpiece. Then how about quality? Many musicians beginners who resigned to submit to the "mastering studio." Paying too expensive, no problem, because they believe it is true that mastering studios will turn their work to the equivalent of a world-class musicians.

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Sorry, this is the wrong opinion. Remember the adage: "Garbage in garbage out." Don't ever think that the digital trash will easily transformed into a "digital gold" It is better you learn from 6 error when recording in the form of "demo tape"

Overload Signal - Digital Equipment has a maximum level at 0 dBFS and can not be better. This condition is different from the analog equipment. When an engineer tried tracking them past the 0 dBFS, digital clipping occurs. This condition can not be repaired. The solution: Give headroom. Before recording, the test used to gain strength from the singer. Set the input level of about -12 dBFS.

Signals that produce Noise - If a tracking engineer record with levels that are too low, the signal will be close to Noise floor. Mixing engineers can only raise the level of sound, but Noise floor will also rise. However, this condition is not absolute. You may not allege that this is purely the fault of the tracking engineer. It often happens, the source of Noise is other equipment that is in the studio, such as voice AC, cabelling that do not neatly. The solution: Use a plug-in like Noise remover or x-noise. To try it, test without the use of signal noise. The goal is to plug in is to identify characteristics of existing Noise. Do Noise gate setting on the plug-in so as not to disturb the original sound.

The Function of pop filter - This is a classic problem. Since the beatles recordings into the kitchen, this problem has emerged. This is where to pop filter. Many people think that pop filter is used to fend off a spurting saliva to not hit the mic. Real function of the pop filter is to counteract the breath so as not to participate singer recorded. Especially when the pronunciation of the letter: B or P. Without these letters pop filter can be like a storm that hit the mic, so heard like an explosion. The solution: use a pop filter. Second, focus compressor selected frequency settings on the frequency of disturbing. Edit there.

Vocalists who sing too close to the mic - Proximity singer lips with lead vocal mic is not good. Articulation becomes unclear, the frequency generated becomes submerged. This is because the mic has a "proximity effect". These effects led to a very low frequency overload. The solution: sing in some distance from the mic. Make sure the distance between the lips and the mic is not more than 15 cm.

Metronome sound that leaks - The room gate is less well cause a variety of voices from outside the studio entrance. The most common is the emergence of metronome sounds of space operators. Solution: fix the bulkhead between the spaces by adding a layer of sound dampening. There is no software that can reduce the "leak" sound like this.

How to overcome the mutual leaking drums sound - His condition like this, the voice channel hi hat into the snare, ride cymbal sound into tom and much more. Mutual leaking like this prolong the process of mixing. The solution: use the gate. Be careful to download the threshold setting. Like a dam, the threshold is too tight will inhibit the emergence of a particular sound, and vice versa. Do the test several times until finding the most appropriate threshold setting. Not too suffocating and not too free, but still comfortable and feasible for a product record. Also check the distance of the mic on the drums. This position greatly affects the quality of sound produced.

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