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Apple Mac Stories

History of the Apple MacIntosh | Type of one computer that is popular in Indonesia in the 90s. At that time this name had skyrocketed in the ranks of high-priced computer. Naturally, for MacIntosh designed specifically for the field of graphics. It was almost without a wire.Did you know, the use of  names derived from the name of Apple MacIntosh type apple that was discovered by John McIntosh in 1811, in Ontario, Canada. Apple flavor is distinctive and often become mandatory in every cake decorations and snacks typically European.

Types of apples are usually harvested at each end of September. And in September 1979, the name of Apple MacIntosh started patented by Jef Raskin as one of Apple Corp. homemade product name.
From the specification, MacIntosh felt still minimal. Because the circuit can only be planted boardnya 64 kb RAM-capacity memory, and processor Motorola 6809E microprocessor. Graphic abilities were still 256 x 256 pixels with black and white bitmap.

Advanced Toaster Named Lisa
With the casing like a toaster to a monitor, a Macintosh felt still was nothing. SteveJobs the co-founder of Apple was to intervene. He injected his ambition to create a personal computer that is completely responsive, plus have a decent graphics capabilities loved. It gives birth to the Apple Lisa in early 1980.
Lisa's name was taken from the name of Steve Jobs' first daughter, Lisa Jobs who was born in 1978, as well as a sweep of the revolutionary project apple: Local Integrated Software Architecture. In this project, Apple's all-out. All means try. Although funds had run out of production, the apple rolling the changes permanent.

End of December 1980, a programmer named Apple Bud Tribble, start modifying graphics display. Replaced the old processor with Motorola 68 000 processors. This modification is suspected extravagant cost. Because intake requires a lot of memory. To counteract this case required the services of a technician such relentless Burell Smith. Without wasting time, Smith made another special mainboard motorola 68 000 processor support. The effort was successful. MacIntosh perform at speeds of 5 to 8 Megahertz. Even more detailed graphic: 384x256 pixels. Memory is also used in lesser numbers. Here's a bright spot. MacIntosh would slowly continue to pursue the dream. Repairs being conducted on all lines. Until it came time for promotion.

Apple history | Conflict is the friend of change | Three years before the Macintosh 128 slid to the market, Steve Jobs arguing with Jef Raskin, the initiators and pematen a Macintosh. Raskin feel that Jobs had the idea Macintosh interpret this as an idea.
Various reasons pitted. Half-hearted rhetoric, only makes them hard to blend. Jef Raskin left Apple chose to go. Jobs do not run out of mind. Or not there Raskin, Apple users have enjoyed the more sweet.

Jobs was aware that the power of a Macintosh should be more refined in the GUI (Graphic User Interface). So that its users need not bother remembering the commands must be typed. Live press images, then the program can be executed directly. One of the heroes in the field of companies that are Xerox PARC GUI. Jobs did not hesitate to come and gain knowledge from some of their products, such as the Xerox Alto and Smalltalk. After that, Jobs combine science that he can from Xerox to combine with the idea of Apple engineers. Do not stop there, Jobs also took Hartmut Esslinger, a product designer from Sony, to make the apple as a world-class brand.

All-out effort Steve Jobs does not only praise but also reap hatred. This is evidence that worm inside the apple never sleeps. Back clashed with CEO Steve Jobs, Apple's newly named John Sculley. This time, Steve Jobs loses. He chose retreat from Apple and founded his own computer company and was named Next. A computer workstation technology company widely adopted for the webserver.

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