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UFO and Mars (part 1)

UFO and Mars - I'm so sure that in recent years we have been an increase in the number of sightings reported globally of Unidentified flying objects, or UFO's. Today, we are delighted to present the highest interview with an expert Ufologist, Mr. Robert Oral Dean, also known as Bob Dean, a retired Command Sergeant  Major in the US Army....
 Who is Bob Dean...
Mr Dean revealed that while serving in the military he wasauthorized to read a top secret document cale the "Assessmen." The Assessment concluded that the Earth has been under detailed obseration by extraterrestrials since the beginning of human history. He states the culture, technology and development of the otherworldly beings far surpasses anything found on Earth. Bob Dean retired from the army in 1976 and at that point he says members of more than a dozen different extraterrestrial civilizations had come to Earth. This individuals are from across the universe and sometimes from other dimensions.
UFO 2010
Bob Dean said...
They are not visitors. They are not here as tourists,dropping in for a weekend or something like that. The planet is under quarantine. And the only one is come and go regularly are the professionals, the anthropologists, the historians, the scientists, from their grops. They come reglarly. They are here most of the time. It's one of the reasons why there is not about to be a disclosure anytime soon, because the story is simply too big. The things we have seen, and the things I have learned first-hand is that, this beautiful, wonderful planet that our ancestors called Gaia; they looked upon her as a Godd ess and that the planet was alive. Well, I have learned that that's true. This beautiful little blue green planet is alive. But this planet apparently is one of the riches and ripest zoological gardens in this quadrant of the galaxy. The life forms, the flora and fauna on this planet are practically infinite.
Earth, Mars, and UFO

Earth is such a valuable commodity...
Now that's why Earth is such a valuable commodity. There are probably thousands of intelligent species out there, looking upon this little tiny planet, this zoological garden, as an incredibly valuale commodity. And I point out to people, "You know, you're part of the fauna. It might be difficult for your ego to deal with, you are simply an occupant in this zoological garden." But now we're dealing with the custodians. They're not visitors. They are not owners. The word that I've got from them, they're custodians. They're protecting and looking after the life on this planet.An the human race is part of that fauna.
UFO 2011
And we've got some good friends in high places out there,...
Our world is currently going through many serious challenges, most notably climate changes. Many virtual leaders, visionaties, and others see this as a very crucial period for humanity's development. The human race, the whole species is undergoing a transendent, transformation, literally from one level of species, one race, into another. The human race is undergoing a form of what i call "a late adolescence." And I point out to people that,"If you remember your own adolescence, and you remember how it was, the whole species is undergoing a transition from adolescence into adulthood." And we've got some good friends in high places out there, fortunately, some very good friends, who wants to see us make it. They don't own us. We are not property, as Charles Fort said one time. But we are not quite finished yet as a race. We are work in progress. We are an unfinished product. and we've got some good friends in high places.
UFO evidence

And they're going to take their rightful place,...
They are trying exict to help us get through ths translation. And it's an awkward period. But, i believe in the human race. It has a future. we are having some rough and difficult times, but we're going to make it. and the reason I decided t come with you this afternoon and give you this interview, we hopefully to be able to say to your audience, to the viewers, that people really should not be afraid. They have nothing to fear. we're going to make it through and we are going to reach a form of adulthood. and we are in time going out there and taking our rightful place in this infinite universe filled with intelligent life. And I say to people, "Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are going to the stars. And they're going out there, and they're going to take their rightful place." Human have a right to sit at those great conferences, those great tables filled with all the infinite intelligent life forms out there.

Does our galaxy have a governance system? We asked Mr. Dean whether there is some sort of galactic federation that oversees the affairs of the Milky Way?
There is indeed, surprisingly, something very much like a galactic federation. And I will tell you that the headquarters for that organization is not even in this galaxy. It's in another galaxy. Apparently the universe is literally teaming with intelligent life. And yes, some of the more advanced races have come together and the have formed an organization. and they do get together frequently and comunicate with each other. And project Earth and project human race is the top of their list at the moment, because we are a difficult, troublesome species. and they are really working to help us get through this transition. Now most of them went through transitions of this kind in their own histories-ancient, ancient histories going back eons of time, millenia, eons, literally.

I have seen what can be...
Some of those advanced species are million years ahead of us scientifically, spiritually, culturally, psychologically, sociologically. I've seen that and I've been a part of that and I've been shown that, which literally has caused my old paradigm to collapse. Because, you see, I have seen what can be. I have seen what the human species can ultimately become. And I know that with assistance and help and guidance from a lot of them, we're going to make it. But having seen that and then coming back and living in this world, I find it very painful....(continued: City inside Mars)

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